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Creative Loafing Atlanta by Chad Radford
The New Noise review by Massimiliano Mercurio

English Translation of New Noise review...

When I heard that the (real) first official album of Filomena Rubino alias Fe <Male Fou would come out for the historic Suitcase Recordings, immediately in my little head bounced the animated film "An American Tail". Yes, that's right, that tiny little mouse Russian who emigrated in search of fortune.

Three hundred copies in black vinyl for the American debut, really compliments. The album is called Sucker Mule's Dreadful Murder and, because of my bad English, the meaning was incomprehensible to me In fact I asked for the translation directly from the source: seems to mean "the terrible murder donkey silly". Forget it, it was better in English! Despite the title, the disc has something evil and murderess, and although Fe <Male Fou is a solo project (better: a kind of Carrie to Brian De Palma), I had the feeling that Filomena was accompanied by a backing band formed by Thirteen Ghosts bad, imbardati style "Hellraiser". It is a small serial killer who, in the throes of hysterical impulses and through its bloody guitar-shaped blade, noise builds corrosive massacring the audience participant. The discomfort-noir never ceases to accompany her ("Furtive Madman") and frequencies alienating and sharp "Slaving Flesh Wheel" recall certain moments drugged and psychedelics Abel Ferrara in "Driller Killer". Remnants Mediterranean or fertile crescent playing with reflex shots diamond saw ("Mania") are the last memories of that "Pornosonico" that we admired in the few previous releases, many of which are self-produced. Closes the album's sublime suites (15 minutes divided into three acts suicides) industrial / noise ("Worm") from the effects reverberated mo 'stalagtites dripping with crystals of pure titanium. I know it's hard, but try to imagine slabs of ductile iron radioactive surfing on lava flows.

It came out at Christmas, but we will evaluate it as a disk of 2015. It is already finished the transgressive and, in some ways, melancholy "Pornosonico"? No, because this killersonico (fancy that eh) sounds pretty darn anarchic and violent. Dearest Fe, personal curiosity, but when composing the  songs, maybe you had in mind the cover of the first album of Killing Joke?